Welcome to JEM

dynoroom Our 2wd Dyno Dynamics dyno and our 4wd Mainline dyno housed in a custom built dedicated room complete with sound proofing, and a twin fume extraction system to constantly draw fresh air into the room and expel the gases out of the room via a muffler and filter.
With accurate tools to ensure the safety of your engine and a fine tune. Over 10 years of EFI tuning experience compliments our office walls nicely. 

Our mechanical department is designed to maintain your vehicle so it runs like a clock every day. From basic oil and filter replacements, to a full 100,000km service, we can look after your car and keep your log book and warranty up to date. So if you want your factory unmodified car, or even your track car maintained, give us a call.

We specialise in aftermarket engine management system installation and problem diagnosis. If you have an aftermarket ecu in your car and it is not running right, we can fix it. That's what Adam has been doing for over 10 years!
We have the capibility to supply parts at a competitive price. If you can get it cheaper somewhere else, we can most likely match it. However we don’t invite bargain hunters, if you pay us what we ask then we are more than happy to provide a good service and after sales support, that’s usually the difference between the cheap and recommended price.

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