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Dyno tuning is our specialty, we pride ourself in having a state of the art dyno facility.

If you are looking for a dyno tuner in Sydney  you have come to the right place.


We have 2 dyno's, a Dyno Dynamics RWD dyno, and a Mainline AWD dyno with twin retarder rear, the Mainline is rated to over 1500hp at the wheels, and it is optioned with OBD2 input, tacho input, built in weather station (no fudge dyno), twin o2 sensors, twin map sensor, 8 EGT''s, 5 Gas Analyser with the IM240 EPA drive cycle test simulator, and more, with our equipment dyno tuning is very precise. Both dyno's are housed in a dyno cell, each with fume extraction and air circulation system to ensure your car always breaths fresh air. We have a wide variety of tooling to not only tune, but perform fault finding and diagnosis. We'll safely extract the most from your setup and go one step futher to fine tune all rpm and load points not just full throttle, so your car drives and cruises as smooth as possible. You wont need another tune after we're finished the dyno tune.



-What ecu's do we tune?

We can dyno tune, supply, instal, and or trouble shoot the following systems:

Haltech, MoTec, AEM, EMS, Nistune, Apexi Power FC, Adaptronic, Microtech, Autronic, ViPec, Link,

Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Holden,


-What type of tunes can we do?

Tunes for: Pump fuel, e85, dual map, full flex fuel, street car, circuit car, drift, time attack, emissions tunes, drag car, daily driver, burnout car, race fuel, naturally aspirated, turbo, blown, variable cam mapping, drive by wire mapping, data logging setup, track side tuning, road tuning, timing tuning, fuel reg tuning, boost controller tuning, power run, and more...


-How much is a tune?

The average tune price is between $495 and $880inc.


-Is there anything i (the owner) can do to help?

Before we load the car onto the dyno for a tune we will perform a pre dyno check using a check list, some of the things he will check are:

tire pressure and condition, fuel level, oil level and condition, spark plugs (if accessible), air filter (if accessible).


If the car fails in any of these areas we will be more than willing to rectify the problem. If you like you can check these things your self before you bring us the car.

Make sure these things are up to date to avoid additional charges.


-Is there anything i should do before the tune?

There are many factors related to the tune, which can effect your power output. Prior to the tune its best the have the car fully serviced, ie the oil / filter, fuel filter, air filter all replaced, and spark plugs too. A smoke test prior can also identify any boost or vacuum line leaks which can cause tuning issues. Make sure the drivetrain fluids are up to date, worn or low box / diff oils can reduce power output too.


-What is a smoke test?

We have a special machine called a smoke tester, we remove the air filter and block off the intake pipe to seal all the intake piping, then we connect the smoke machine which pressurises smoke into the system, the smoke will visibly leak where ever there is a leak in the plumbing making it quick and easy to find a leak before the car hits the dyno. Smoke test from $55. Let them know when you book the car in if you want a smoke test.


-Can i watch it while you tune it?

Generally NO. For insurance and work cover reasons we are not allowed to let non staff members into the dyno room. If you have a big dollar setup then sometimes we can organise for you to come in, but you need to organise this with us in advanced. Rest assured we actually perform better on the dyno when there are less distractions, and you can trust us with your pride and joy.