Dyno tuning is our specialty, we pride our self in having a state of the art dyno facility.

If you are looking for a dyno tuner in Sydney  you have come to the right place.

We have 2 dyno’s, a 2wd Mainline Pro Hub Dyno rated to 2000hp, and a Mainline AWD dyno with twin retarder rear, the Mainline is rated to over 1500hp at the wheels, and it is optioned with OBD2 input, tacho input, built in weather station (no fudge dyno), twin o2 sensors, twin map sensor, 8 EGT”s, 5 Gas Analyser with the IM240 EPA drive cycle test simulator, and more, with our equipment dyno tuning is very precise. Both dyno’s are housed in a dyno cell, each with fume extraction and air circulation system to ensure your car always breaths fresh air. We have a wide variety of tooling to not only tune, but perform fault finding and diagnosis. We’ll safely extract the most from your setup and go one step futher to fine tune all rpm and load points not just full throttle, so your car drives and cruises as smooth as possible. You wont need another tune after we’re finished the dyno tune.


Dyno training is something new that we are working on. We are planning on providing a tuning training service to share our knoweldge of tuning, and to help up and coming tuners get started.